What I Do

-Custom Home Design

-Design for Additions and Renovation

-3D Design

-Infill Custom Design

-Construction Drawings

-Estate Home Design

-Acreage Design

-Lake Cottage Custom Design

-Daycare Design



The Design Process


 The initial meeting is always the most important one. I prefer to meet at your existing home so that I can get a sense

of your lifestyle. What are the limitations of your existing home, are you a growing family or maybe looking for something smaller.

 At this meeting I will make notes of what you are looking for. Maybe you have some design ideas you would like to show me. I find that most people have a good idea of what they want, they just do not know how to transfer those ideas to a workable project. 

 I also would like to visit the site of the project before I start the design process. Very valuable information comes from a site visit. Where are the views. What is the sun direction. We will start talking about location of rooms, what views would be best from the various rooms in the house.

 After all this I start on your design, And usually get back to you for second meeting within a few weeks.




 At our next meeting I will show you the first prelimInary designs.The rough floor plans and 3D sketches of the exterior will be shown on my laptop. 

 I will make notes of your initial thoughts and start to make the first revisions at the meeting.

 It is possible to have a few of these meetings and sending emails before we are happy with the final design.


 Once we have settled on the final design and exterior textures. I would proceed with the construction drawings.

 Even after the construction drawings are completed, there is still time to make revisions to the plans.




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